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Rollin Axes is a family of Texas throwers who enjoy the sport of axe throwing so much that we want to share it with others. We have been blessed with the opportunity to assume the responsiblities of Rollin Axes through some dear friends. We were trained and coached by the world renowned Miguel Tamburini in the art of axe throwing and business operations. You can find us throwing in league at Drengr Axe Throwing in Bedford and tournaments when we are not busy teaching others!

From private parties to corporate events, we will bring the fun and excitement to you. Team building exercises, birthday parties, engagement parties and gender reveal parties or even a kick-back and have fun night are just a small fraction of the type of events Rollin Axes accommodate.  Whatever the reason for an event, we can be there.  We support local businesses and aim to be the premier mobile axe throwing venue in the Parker County and surrounding areas. We provide everything necessary for a first class throwing experience. All you need to bring is the food, any beverages and people to throw our axes.

What is Axe Throwing???

So, what exactly is "Axe Throwing" and is it SAFE? Well, think of it as darts for Vikings or Lumberjacks. Participants will stand 10-15 feet from a 3-foot-wide target painted with concentric rings and try to out score their opponents! Do not be intimidated by the thought of hurling a 2-3-pound axe at a target 10-15 feet away; it is not nearly as difficult as you might think. Everyone who gets the axe to stick in the target is instantly addicted to the sport. Axe throwing is blowing up nationwide, with many establishments hosting leagues and tournaments.

What do I Wear?

Please wear proper fitting clothing which allows you a good range of motion. You want to have your best game possible. CLOSE-TOE SHOES ARE STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for anyone entering the throwing area. If you choose to wear open toe shoes of any type, you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK! This is for your safety, as well as other participants and your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Food and Alcohol

We ask that when we arrive for your event all parties are alert and free from the influence of ANY substances, including alcohol. During your time with us, please drink responsibly. We believe that enjoying alcoholic beverages during your sporting event is both possible and safe when done responsibly and in moderation. Drinking to excess puts the safety of yourself and others at risk. We do not provide food or alcohol so you are free to bring your own. Or better yet, ASK US for a good food truck in the area and we will send you some ideas!

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1st Rule: We do not talk about Axe Club.

Actually...There ARE RULES and we take them SERIOUSLY!

Safety is paramount with everything we do at Rollin Axes. Please carefully read and understand everything below to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.*

-THROWING: You will be instructed in safety, throwing technique, and the structure of play upon arrival. Not adhering to these rules makes for an unsafe environment that we cannot have.
-No TRICK shots! Forward-facing, overhand throws only. Save the tricks for indoor venues.
-Do not retrieve your axe while the adjacent lane is throwing.
-Personal axes or other throwing implements in our lanes are strictly prohibited. Rollin Axes, LLC will provide your axes. This is an insurance requirement. Tournament and/or League events will allow personal axes to members.
-Close toe shoes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

-STAFF: Follow all directions given by our axeperienced professionals and other staff. Should you forget, or violate a safety rule, you will receive a friendly but firm reminder from them. ANYONE CAN STOP THE LANE AT ANYTIME IF THEY OBSERVE AN UNSAFE ACT!

-MINORS: All minors must be accompanied by an adult and a signed parental waiver IS required. If for any reason you cannot accompany, you must fill out the paperwork ahead of time and include a copy of your phone and drivers license number on the form.

We ask that all participants behave in a responsible and adult manner. We are here to have FUN, but safety must come first!

*Please be aware that ANY violation of our safety policies or other unsafe behavior by any member of your group may result in you being unable to participate in the event, and/or removal from the premises. Your event fee WILL NOT be refunded.

Be SAFE, SMART and have FUN!!

Release Of Liability Waiver

Click LEARN MORE to be directed to our online waiver. You can sign up prior to your event to make everything run smoother. **This waiver has a section for MINORS as well. Only legal guardians may sign for any minors throwing at any of our venues.

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