What is Axe Throwing???

So, what exactly is "Axe Throwing" and is it SAFE? Well, think of it as darts for Vikings or Lumberjacks. Participants will stand 10-15 feet from a 3-foot-wide target painted with concentric rings and try to out score their opponents! Do not be intimidated by the thought of hurling a 2-3-pound axe at a target 10-15 feet away; it is not nearly as difficult as you might think. Everyone who gets the axe to stick in the target is instantly addicted to the sport. Axe throwing is blowing up nationwide, with many establishments hosting leagues and tournaments.

What do I Wear?

Please wear proper fitting clothing which allows you a good range of motion. You want to have your best game possible. CLOSE-TOE SHOES ARE STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for anyone entering the throwing area. If you choose to wear open toe shoes of any type, you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK! This is for your safety, as well as other participants and your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Food and Alcohol

We ask that when we arrive for your event all parties are alert and free from the influence of ANY substances, including alcohol. During your time with us, please drink responsibly. We believe that enjoying alcoholic beverages during your sporting event is both possible and safe when done responsibly and in moderation. Drinking to excess puts the safety of yourself and others at risk. We do not provide food or alcohol so you are free to bring your own. Or better yet, ASK US for a good food truck in the area and we will send you some ideas!